Manufacturers of corrugated Containers & Flexibles

ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Policy


Is committed to Produce Quality


Timely delivery


Customer’s entire satisfaction

  • Total Production under QMS.
  • Customer’s feedback.
  • Continuously upgrading
  • Quality System
  • Employees Skill &
  • Technical know how.
  • To Excel in service.
  • To produce under QMS.
  • To look after our people.
  • To have extremely satisfied customers.
  • To Keep clean & friendly atmosphere.
  • To deliver strictly as per customer’s requirement.
  • To treat buyers and vendors as working partners.

Finally grow as accompany.

At your end it is packaging
At our end it is technology

It is the policy of M&F Commercial Corporation that its employees uphold the highest standards of ethical, professional behavior. To that end, these employees shall dedicate themselves to carrying out the mission of this organization.

  • Act in such a manner as to uphold and enhance personal and professional honor, integrity and the dignity of the profession.
  • Treat with respect and consideration all persons, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, maternity, marital or family status, disability, age or national origin.
  • Avoid any interest or activity that is in conflict with the conduct of official duties.
  • Build professional reputations on the merit of services and refrain from competing unfairly with others.
  • Accept as a personal duty the responsibility to keep up to date on emerging issues and to conduct themselves with professional competence, fairness, impartiality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Discipline is management action to encourage compliance with organizational standards. There are two types of discipline: Preventive and Corrective.

PREVENTIVE DISCIPLINE is action taken to encourage employees to follow standards and rules so that infractions are prevented. The basic objective is to encourage self-discipline, and the Admin Department plays an important role. Employees give more support to standards stated positively instead of negatively, such as “Safety First!” rather than “Don’t be careless!”. Effective discipline is a system relationship, and the department needs to be concerned with all parts of the system.

CORRECTIVE DISCIPLINE is an action that follows a rule infraction. It seeks to discourage further infractions and to ensure future compliance with standards. Typically the corrective or disciplinary action is a penalty, such as a warning or suspension without pay.

A typical progressive discipline system is shown as follows:


  • Verbal reprimand by supervisor.
  • Written reprimand, with a record in personnel file.
  • One-to three-day suspension from work.
  • Suspension for one week or longer.
  • Discharge for cause.

The first infraction leads to a verbal reprimand by the supervisor. The next infraction leads to written reprimand, with a record placed in the files. Further infraction build up to stronger discipline, leading finally to discharge. The department is usually involved in step 3 or sooner to ensure that company policy is followed consistently in all departments.

It is the policy of M&F Commercial Corporation. to conduct all operations and to handle and dispose of all materials safely and without creating unacceptable health environmental or safety risks.

To carry out this policy, M&F Commercial Corporation will

  • Conduct accident prevention, product safety, occupational health, pollution control, and assurance programs to safeguard employees and the public form injuries or health hazards to protect the company’s assets and continuity of operations, and to protect the environment; and
  • Work constructively with trade associations, government agencies and others to develop equitable and realistic laws, regulations and standards to protect public health, safety and the environment;
  • Recognize the environmental impact of its operations and promote efficient energy use and reduction of wastes and emissions;
  • Encourage employees to report suspected or potential health, environmental or safety risks to appropriate personnel within the Company so as to enable the Company to assess and respond to suck risks.

Every employee is expected to adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of this policy and to make health, environmental and safety a priority in his or her daily activities and planning. Managers have a special obligation to keep informed about health, environmental and safety risks and standard and to advise higher management promptly of any adverse situation which comes to their attention.

M&F Commercial Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. is committed to convert & supply quality and hygienic packaging material to our customers.

Our services are based on Principles of Food Safety Management System, We comply with statutory and regulatory requirements related to Food Safety and communicate it at all levels related to Packaging Material Safety.

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