Environmental Policies

Our contribution for the planet


M&F is a strong believer in a company’s responsibility to society at large as well as to employees and shareholders. We spend a great deal of time and effort in trying to be a good corporate citizen as well as trying to be a good supplier. We have become FSC & BRC Certified and have an active policy of reducing waste and energy consumption.

Material Use Reduction

  • Early Adoption of High-Performance & less thick Linerboard and films for reduced consumption impacting our carbon footprint.
  • Average 50 -100% Recycled Material Mix in paper .
  • Reduced consumption of raw material like inks via efficient and robust operational practices.
  • Efficient recollection of used raw material and placement for efficient reuse in new jobs.

Transportation Fuel Reduction

  • Switch sales cars to Hybrids as much as possible.
  • Upgrading to electric forklifts & monitoring greenhouse gases in existing forklifts
  • Examining Hybrid trucks and its availability for the factory premises

Electricity Reduction

  • Removing excess daytime office lighting
  • Switching to motion detection warehouse lighting eventually.
  • Enacting thermostat controls
  • Power-down computer policy
  • Gradually convert to solar saving fuel cost and gearing the company towards less carbon emission.

Scrap Reduction

  • Increased load heights to decrease dunnage
  • Switching to Reusable Ink Containers ink
  • Strict checks on waste reduction on every process .